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Finding outfits that are right for your bodyshape, occasion, budget and personality can be time consuming and hard work. That's why Perfecting You have an online personal shopping service that allows you to sit back and relax whilst we do all of the hard work for you. Click here for more reasons to use an online stylist.
Just fill in a few pieces of information so that we know exactly what you're looking for and then look forward to receiving an email with outfits for you to choose from and buy online.

 Choose a styling package from the options below:
When you have a special occasion coming up, you want to look your best. Not everyone has the time to trapse around the shops looking for the perfect outfit, so let an online personal stylist do it for you.
What you will receive:
Your stylist will provide a selection of 3 different outfits for you to choose from and then buy online. The stylist will choose these outfits with your body shape and style personality in mind so they will flatter your figure and lifestyle. Outfits will be shown with accessories that coordinate and this will all be emailed to you in a report with links to the clothing sites for you to order from. To see an example report, click here.
All you have to do is sit back and relax whilst your online personal stylist does all of the hard work for you. The tricky bit will be choosing which outfit you want to order from the 4 options and then waiting in anticipation for your items to arrive at your door. 
Click here to go to the Outfit for a Special Occasion page.
The Wardrobe Refresh is a fantastic way of updating what you currently have in your wardrobe to ensure that you look stylish, fashionable and up to date with the current trends.
What you will receive:
Your stylist will select 5 different outfits for you to choose from that are current and up to date. The stylist will look at your body shape and style personality and will select trends that suit you. Outfits that fit with these trends will be carefully chosen with accessories that coordinate, and this will all be emailed to you in a report with links to the clothing sites for you to order from.
This is a quick, stress free way to shop that enables you to re-energise your wardrobe without ever having to step foot inside a clothing shop! 
Click here to go to the Wardrobe Refresh page.
You've booked your tickets and ordered your currency but you don't have time to shop for those essential holiday items that you need.
What you will receive:
Your stylist can select pieces for you (you specify what you need on the online form) and will then email you links to several selections that you can browse and order online. You can try your pieces on in the comfort of your own home with the rest of the items in your holiday wardrobe.
Your stylist will take your body shape and style personality into consideration when choosing your items so each piece should flatter you and make you feel great.
To request a quote, email stylist@perfectingyou.co.uk or fill in the form on the Holiday Essentials page by clicking here

"I am a fumbling fashion fool. For years I've been the butt of jokes regarding my threads. Three years ago, Kate put me straight on the colour side of things but I was still unsure which styles of clothes suited me. Not any more! I've gone back to Kate now for the Online Personal Shopping service twice.  Both times she has provided me with a great selection of styles and colours to match my peculiar shape and washed out appearance and I didn't even have to leave my front room. Friends have complimented and been perplexed by my transformation.  I shall definitely be employing Kate's services again for the summer months". 
Andy, London - February 2012
"Thanks to my Perfecting You Online Personal Shopper, I was able to find an outfit to wear to a friend's wedding without having to go shopping! The range of outfits that I was given were great and the hardest bit was choosing which one to order. I would highly recommend this service and will be using it again in the future".
Sally, Leicester - March 2012
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