Perfecting You Parties
A Perfecting You Party is a great and relatively inexpensive way of having a colour analysis amongst friends, and the best part is that the host gets their Perfecting You with Colour experience for free*.
The atmosphere at a Perfecting You Party is fun and relaxed so is perfect for a hen-night, girls night in or any other excuse that you have for a girly get together.
(*the host has the option of buying the colour swatch fan and book to complement their colour analysis)
What each party member will receive:
  • An explanation of the colour analysis process with examples of celebrities wearing the right and wrong colours.
  • A full colour analysis involving a skin tone assessment with different colours being draped around the face to see which enhance the complexion.
  • colour swatch fan (RRP £24.99 - £29.99) which contains swatches of colours that fall in your colour spectrum to take with you when you are out shopping so that you can check that the items that you are buying are correct for you.
  • personalised Perfecting You with Colour book (RRP £5.99) with lots more information about your colour palette and wardrobe, with tips about make-up, hair, accessories and jewellery colours.
£50 per person. The host is free*.
There is a £10 per person deposit payable by cheque to Kate Rogers when you book your party and there is a minimum of 5 people per party.
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