Perfecting You with Colour
Colour Analysis, South WestColour Analysis can help you:
  • Look younger and more radiant
  • Make your eyes appear brighter
  • Make your hair shine
  • Feel more confident about yourself
  • Save time when shopping
  • Save money by avoiding fashion mistakes
  • Buy clothing, make-up and accessories in colours that suit you.
However, wearing the wrong colours can make you look pale, tired and drained so it is important to discover which are the right colours for you.
The Colour Consultation
With a Perfecting You colour analysis, you will have the colour analysis process thoroughly explained to you and you will be able to see the difference between a good and bad colour on you.
You will receive:
  • An explanation of the colour analysis process with examples of celebrities wearing the right and wrong colours.
  • A full colour analysis involving a skin tone assessment with different colours being draped around the face to see which enhance the complexion.
  • colour swatch fan (RRP £24.99 - £29.99) which contains swatches of colours that fall in your colour spectrum to take with you when you are out shopping so that you can check that the items that you are buying are correct for you.
  • personalised Perfecting You with Colour book (RRP £5.99) with lots more information about your colour palette and wardrobe, with information about make-up, hair, accessories and jewellery colours.
  • A presentation about upcoming fashion and colour trends.
Perfecting You provides individual (approx. 1 1/2 hours), small group (approx 2 to 3 hours) and party consultations (length of time dependent on size of party).
How Colour Analysis Works
When we wear a colour near our face, it reflects light upwards. This can cast either flattering tones on the skin making it look smoother, younger and more vibrant, or it can produce shadows which make the complexion look uneven and dull.
Everyone is different and has a unique combination of eye, hair and skin colour meaning that a particular colour can look great on one person but terrible on another. A colour analyst looks at the combination of your natural eye, hair and skin colour and the undertone of your skin to determine which palette of colours will harmonise with, and enhance, your natural colourings.
Different coloured drapes are then draped around your face to hone this information further to find your very best colours, i.e. the colours that make your hair, eyes and skin come alive.
Booking a Colour Consultation
If you are interested in booking a colour analysis with Perfecting You, go to the Contact Information page and ring 07813 797443 or email katerogers@perfectingyou.co.uk.
- £75 for an individual consultation.
- £60 for a small group consultation (max. 4 people) where you and a friend or two can watch the colour analysis process performed on each other.
- £50 per person for larger groups and parties. The host gets the Perfecting You with Colour experience for free*. Minimum 5 people per party.
* The host then has the opportunity to purchase a colour swatch fan and book to complement their colour analysis.
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