Perfecting You with Style
Style Analysis can help you:
  • Look younger, slimmer and more in proportion
  • Buy clothes that suit your body shape
  • Create your own sense of style
  • Feel more confident about the way you look
  • Save money by avoiding fashion mistakes
  • Save time when shopping
  • Enjoy shopping!
The Style Consultation
With a Perfecting You style consultation, you will have your body shape analysed and you will learn how to enhance your best features and disguise problem areas with different cuts and styles of clothing. This session will last approximately 3 hours.
You will receive:
  • A personalised style filewith plenty of information and tips about how to dress your body shape.
  • A detailed explanation of what suits you, what doesn't, and why.
  • Plenty of style tricks using clothing, accessories and jewellery to make you look in proportion and to increase your confidence.
  • Advice on the current trends that suit your shape and personality, to update your wardrobe and sense of style.
To book a style consultation, or to find out more information, ring (07813 797443) or email (katerogers@perfectingyou.co.uk).
How Style Analysis Works:
Understanding your body shape and how to dress it is the first step in creating flattering outfits that make you look fantastic. You can have as many expensive designer labels in your wardrobe as you like, but unless they are in the correct style for your body shape, they will hinder rather than enhance your appearance. By analysing your body shape and teaching you which styles work for you and why, Perfecting You can unleash a huge amount of wardrobe and style potential.
Body Shape Analysing is not as simple as labelling a person a particular shape (e.g. a pear) and giving them a set of generic rules for that body type. Very few of us are the so called 'perfect size 10' (or size 6 as the media seems to dictate these days) so the art of illusion dressing is an incredibly useful tool that can help anyone achieve a look that they are comfortable and happy with.
Every person is individual and we all come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Some of us fit neatly into a particular body shape, and some of us are a combination of two or even three different shapes. Perfecting You understands this and will develop a set of simple style rules for you to follow that are individual to your particular body type.
Creating Your Own Sense of Style
It is also important to create and develop your own personal sense of style which is current and up to date, but is not dictated by every fad fashion that comes along. Perfecting You can teach you which of the current trends will work for your body shape and style personality, enabling you to be stylish and comfortable at all times, putting an end to the uncomfortable 'does this suit me?' niggles that often impinge on us.
By learning about which styles of clothing work for your body shape and personality, you will have the knowledge to buy clothing that has the most flattering cut for you and shows who you are. This will give you the confidence to try new fashions and keep up to date, safe in the knowledge that the items that you choose suit you. Shopping will become quicker and easier and you will save money because you will select outfits that fit rather than fashion mistakes that hang at the back of your wardrobe.
People use personal stylists for a variety of reasons:
  • For seeking a more professional image for an interview or new job. 
  • To increase confidence in their appearance and approach the person of their dreams.
  • To gain knowledge about what suits them and what does not to avoid fashion blunders.
  • To update their wardrobe and become more familiar with current clothing trends.
Whatever your reason, Perfecting You can help. Go to the Contact Information page and ring, email or fill in the on line form to find out more and book a style consultation. 
Individual Style Consultation - £75
Small Group Style Consultation (max. 3 people) - £60
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