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Course summary
Colour analysis is the art of deciding which colours suit an individual best. So many people do not realise their full potential as they are not aware of the power of colour. The colours that we wear against our face can have a huge impact on the way that we look and colour analysis is the process of working out which colours make a client look their absolute best.

The Online Colour Analysis course with Perfecting You is run by Kate Rogers who is a qualified teacher and personal stylist. She has been in the fashion business for almost a decade and has decided to share her knowledge, tips and tricks with you by providing this course.

You will be taught about colour and how it can change a person's face taking it from drained, blotchy and pale to radiant and even. You will get all of the theory behind the process along with step-by-step guides on how to conduct a colour analysis and access to a huge amount of resources so that you can hit the ground running once you have completed the course. The resources that are provided with the course can be easily personalised with areas for you to insert your own logo etc. so that they look professional and fit with your business image. All of the hard work has been done for you as Kate has tried and tested methods that have been working for her for years. You can gain this invaluable knowledge and are able to interact with Kate as much as you like by email or phone.

The assignments within the course have been devised to enable you to get a full understanding of the colour analysis process. They gradually build up your skill base so that by the time you finish the course, you are ready for your first paying customer. The assignments will be marked by Kate and will then be emailed straight back to you with helpful feedback. You will receive plenty of support and help with these assignments and they are designed to be useful, interesting and inspiring so will not feel onerous.

On completion of the course, you will receive the prestigious Perfecting You Personal Stylists Diploma that can be displayed as you see fit for customers to see and feel safe in the knowledge that they are working with a trained professional.

The course can be completed in your own time so that it fits around the other commitments that you have in your life. This enables many of our students to be able to train with Perfecting You whilst still working in a full time job or with children. 

Unlike other distance learning courses, there is the option of adding a face-to-face element to the course (at an extra fee) for those who would like it. This is optional so the course price stated here is for the distance learning element only.

Entry requirements
A passion for colour

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