Train with Perfecting You Personal StylistsBeing a personal stylist is an extremely rewarding, varied and exciting career. You get to work with lots of different people and are able to be your own boss so can work when you want to. The harder you work, the more reward you get which is a refreshing change to working for someone else. 

Colour Analysis TrainingIf you would like a career that:

  • Is rewarding, exciting and different everyday,
  • Enables you to be your own boss and work when you want to,
  • Fits around the other commitments in your life, be it children, work or other life experiences,
  • Helps others to feel and look more confident,
  • Enables you to work with a range of different people,
  • Lets you do what you love and get paid for it!

Then contact Perfecting You to enrol on a Personal Styling course. Email info@perfectingyou.co.uk to for more information.

Why train with Perfecting You?

All of the courses from Perfecting You are:

  • Written, and taught by, Kate Rogers, a qualified teacher and personal stylist.
  • Conducted online so you are able to study in the comfort of your own home.
  • Informative, interesting and give you the practical skills that you need to begin seeing clients as soon as you have finished.
  • Completed in your own time so that you can fit your study in around your other commitments in life.
  • Packed with helpful information from step-by-step guides to performing consultations, to contacts within the field to enable you to set up.
  • Not linked to a chain or franchise - you become your own boss at the end of the course. Any money that you earn is your own!
  • Fun. What can be more interesting than learning about a subject that you have a passion for.
  • Valuable. You won't find any waffling within the course material. Who has time to read through tons of notes? Perfecting You courses provide you with the skills and information that you need, by providing you with useful material and assignments that enable you to learn and become confident in your chosen field of styling.
  • Excellent value for money. We believe that we are the best value personal styling course on the market. If you would like quality course material that actually prepares you to begin styling straight away, then Perfecting You is for you.

All of the courses and modules from Perfecting You have been written, and are taught by, Kate Rogers, who is a qualified teacher and personal stylist. She has over 7 years teaching experience and has over a decade of fashion and styling expertise. The courses are designed to enable you to hit the ground running with all of the skills that you require to start your chosen service straight away. 

We believe that this is the only personal styling course available on the market that is run by a qualified teacher. The course content is inspiring, interesting and engaging with assignments that are practical and enable you to learn the skills required as you go. By the end of the course, you will have all of the necessary know how to start working with your first paying client.  

Kate is a busy mum of two so she understands the pressures of everyday life. This is why she designed the courses to be conducted at home and in your own time. The last thing you need is a deadline looming over you to increase your stress load. Students that have completed Perfecting You courses usually finish the course within a three month period as they enjoy the material so much that they are eager to get the next tutorial and get started in their new career. However, take it at your own pace. You are the boss now so you can set your own deadlines.

How does online training work?
You have the choice of receiving your course material in 2 or 4 weekly intervals, depending on how busy you are. This does not mean that you have to complete each assignment in this time frame, it is simply the frequency with which you will receive your course material. 

You may be wondering why the course material isn't sent out all in one go? We have found that it can be very overwhelming to receive the whole course in one chunk and by splitting it up into tutorials, it enables you to learn each subject area in manageable chunks.

Assignments are done in a format that can be emailed to your tutor and you will receive detailed feedback about each assignment via email. You can ask as many questions as you like and we try to respond to all questions within 24 hours of receiving them.

Content of each course
Each course contains 5 tutorials with plenty of information about the area that you have chosen. There will be optional tasks to help you understand the materials further, and an assignment at the end of each tutorial to enable your tutor to check that you are understanding the course content. Detailed and useful feedback will be given for each assignment completed. To see the contents of the Perfecting You Colour Analysis Training Course, click here.

What will you receive at the end of the course?
Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a prestigious Perfecting You Diploma Certificate to show that you have been professionally trained in your chosen area of styling. This can be a useful tool to display on your website or in your place of work when you begin your styling journey.

How much is the course?
£299 for the start of a brand new, exciting and exhilarating career that helps you to help others.

If you would like to train with Perfecting You Personal Stylists, choose one of the following options:

Train to Become a Colour Analyst
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