".......Oh! How I wished I had met someone like Kate Rogers years ago, before I wasted so much money on buying clothes of a colour that never really did much for me! I am still learning and use my swatch of colours whenever I go clothes shopping, but am growing in confidence and understand better how to make the most of my natural colouring. I followed the advice recently when purchasing new spectacles and some jewellery and it works for those items too! Thank you, Kate, for giving me a new and more flattering look."
Hazel, Redditch- October 2012

"I am a fumbling fashion fool. For years I've been the butt of jokes regarding my threads. Three years ago, Kate put me straight on the colour side of things.This enabled me to get rid of loads of junk from my drawers but so far as new garments were concerned, I was still left wanting. Not any more! I've gone back to Kate now for the Online Personal Shopping service twice.  Both times she has provided me with a great selection of styles and colours to match my peculiar shape and washed out appearance and I didn't even have to leave my front room. Friends have complimented and been perplexed by my transformation.  I shall definitely be employing Kate's services again for the summer months".
Andy, London - February 2012
"Oh dear. Why did I agree to arrange this year’s programmes for our WI? Who do you get to come and talk to a group of ladies on a dark January evening when most of them would probably prefer to be at home with a cup of cocoa and the TV? 
Kate was the perfect solution!
A willing member was ‘persuaded’ to be the guinea pig and was duly swathed in different coloured fabrics. Reds and greens, blues and pinks, while WI members interjected with shrieks of “no-awful”, or “yes, lovely”.
Colours were analyzed as Kate explained the importance of shades and hues of each colour against different types of skin and hair.
This was a lovely uplifting evening and a brilliant antidote to our post Christmas blues. (Hmm Blues. Now which shade would that be then?)."

Nicky Venning, Westbury sub Mendip WI - January 2012
"I can't wait to put your excellent styling tips into practice and thoroughly recommend a style consultation with yourself."
Tina, Somerset - October 2011
Maternity leave
"I was talked into having my colours done by my girlfriend. At first I wasn't sure, but after the session I saw how different you can look wearing the right colours. It really helped me in choosing the colour of my new suit.I didn't know colour could make such a difference in how you look."
Paul, Leicester - November 2010
"I was very interested in the idea of a colours party and the event lived up to my expectations. My friends and I really enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Kate which colours suited us and quickly realised we needed to go on a shopping trip!!! Kate was very knowledgeable about skin tone and choosing colours that suited me. I have purchased some new clothes now using my colour wallet as a guide. I feel fabulous in them. I would recommend Perfecting You to anyone of any age."
Delia, Somerset - September 2010
"As I have aged, I have started to lose interest in shopping because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find styles that suit me. The personal shopping trip with Kate was great because she went ahead of me and reserved items that she knew would suit my body shape and colourings. I tried tops and jackets that I would not usually have looked at and she taught me about proportion and how to dress my body shape to minimise my tummy and make me look thinner. I have since been shopping without Kate and have found that I am much more confident in choosing clothes and I now know what suits me and what to avoid. I enjoy shopping again!"
Jill, Somerset - July 2010
'Because I'm so fair and pale, I was always under the impression that light colours such as stone and beige should be avoided, but after having had my colours done I now feel confident enough to be able to introduce some light shades into my wardrobe. It really has offered me much more variety and choice when shopping, and I can clearly see how these shades bring out the best in me! I have also had some positive comments from my family, and the experience itself was great fun!'
Erin, Somerset - April 2010
"Now I know what colours suit me, I am more confident when out clothes shopping.  I carry my colour guide with me and know not only will the clothes I buy make me look fabulous but that they will work well with everything else in my wardrobe.  I love it, having your ‘colours done’ is well worth it for the lifetime of benefits you gain, Thank you Kate."
Rachel, London - April 2010
"Thanks so much for doing my colours, it has made shopping so much easier. I feel like the colours that I wear now make me look a lot healthier and it has made me more confident knowing that what I'm wearing suits me. I'm looking forward to my personal shopping trip to look at styles of clothing to complement my shape. Fab session all round".
Sally, Leicester - March 2010
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