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How to Choose the Right Suit & Suit Sales

A well-fitted, stylish suit exudes class, confidence, sophistication and all of those other fabulous qualities that you need to help you feel comfortable and stylish. Be it for the office, a wedding or any other smart occasion, read below for some tips for choosing a good quality, well-fitted suit.

In an ideal world, you would get each and every suit that you buy tailor-made for you to ensure that it fits you perfectly. However, most people's budgets cannot stretch to this and luckily, there are some fantastic suits available off the rack. For help getting the right suit, take a look at the Online Personal Shopper service.

Online Personal Shopper

Buying a Suit: A Shopper's Guide

There are a few things that you should look out for when purchasing a suit:

1. Choosing the Fabric
Wool and Cotton are the most popular fabrics when it comes to suits because both materials are breathable and absorbent.
Wool The majority of modern suits are made of wool. It is the most versatile fabric, is the best in comfort, is wrinkle resistant, and has a greater longevity than most. It will also keep you cool on hot days as it absorbs moisture.

Best season to wear - all year round

Cotton - Cotton is a durable fabric found in many suits. Like wool, cotton can absorb sweat and keep you cool throughout most months. A huge bonus with a cotton suit is that the fabric is quite practical and easy to maintain as it’s machine-washable.

Best season to wear - spring, summer and autumn

Linen suits can look great on a summer's day but remember that they are very difficult to keep looking that way. Linen creases very easily so a linen suit is not really appropriate for everyday use.

2. Colour
In terms of colour, you need to think about the colours that you will get most mileage out of first. Once you have these staples in your wardrobe, you can then add more variety to your suit collection and try different colours.

1. NavyThis is the most important suit colour because it is the most versatile. Navy lends itself to all formal affairs, whether they are job interviews, weddings or even funerals. For the most useful version, go solid coloured and single-breasted.
2. Charcoal - Less versatile than navy, but still very useful. With a navy and a charcoal in their closet and a nice mix of shirts and ties to match them with, you can sustain the illusion of owning many suits for a long time. 
3. Light coloured - Go for light brown, khaki or light grey, depending on what colour suits your skin tone best. This is the suit that you can wear in the summer-time to dress down a formal look. 

You may be surprised that I have not listed black. Black suits do have their purpose but are often quite heavy and harsh. The majority of people cannot wear black well so a softer shade like navy or charcoal will suit most skin tones more. 

3. The Jacket - Single or Double-Breasted
1 vertical row of buttons
2 vertical rows of buttons

A single breasted jacket looks classic and simple and is the more versatile and fashionable of the two styles, but many men prefer the air of elegance and refinement that a double-breasted suit projects. I think it is best to let your body shape decide.
The Chunkier Man - choose a single breasted style. A double-breasted jacket will only emphasise the width of your chest and torso, making you look broader that you are. This is especially important if you are short because a double-breasted jacket will make short,stout men look shorter and stouter.
The Lean Man - the double-breasted style is perfect for you as it will add width and will make you look broader than you are.

4. Number of Buttons
Most double-breasted suits are 3 button, occasionally 4 button. Most single-breasted are 2, occasionally 3, and sometimes just 1 button. Unless you have several suits and can afford to play around with this, I think it is best to stick with the classics: Go 3 button for double-breasted and 2 button for single.

5. Single, Double or No Vents
Vents are the vertical slits in the back of the jacket. Vent-less jackets are the cleanest and dressiest in appearance, but not terribly convenient as you will need to bundle the jacket up to access the pockets.The single, centred vent offers more in the way of manoeuvrability, but your jacket will still hike up and look a little awkward whenever you reach for your pockets.

However, the single, centred vent is probably the best option considering practicality and budget because as a rule of thumb, the fewer vents there are, the less expensive the suit. Double breasted suit jacket.

Double vents (also known as side vents) are the most practical, especially graceful and stylish, and unfortunately, are the most expensive to make. 

As mentioned earlier in this post, let your body shape decide:
The Chunkier Man - look for jackets with no vent or a single central vent and steer clear of double vented styles as they will accentuate a larger backside.
The Leaner Man - you should go for a double vented style to broaden your hips and bum.

6. Cuffs or no cuffs?
Cuffs add weight to a bottom of the trouser, helping it to hang properly. They are great if you are tall, but the horizontal line that they create, visually shortens the leg so look for cuff-less styles if you are short.

Shop Suits Here:

Tailored Navy Wool Two-Button Suit 
Blazer 175.00
Trousers 85.00

BR Monogram Grey Italian Wool Two-Button Suit
Blazer 230.00
Trousers 120.00

Tailored Fit Two-Button Chino Suit
Blazer 150.00
Trousers 75.00

21 Comments to How to Choose the Right Suit & Suit Sales:

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Jill Peterson on 15 October 2012 04:51
Good effort! I think designers should focus the fabric of the cloth more as it's a matter of feeling comfort so it's nice to be heard that you've notice it carefully. Thanks for selecting some suitable and stylish options.
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Cufflinks on 21 January 2013 05:42
Thanks for sharing information regarding to the things that one should keep in mind when purchasing the suit. After all looking is directly related to the confidence level. I had never thought so deeply about the number of button and other small things.
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visit on 06 June 2013 07:51
I am not much into reading, but somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog.
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designer bridal lingerie on 19 July 2013 07:50
I really appreciate your guidance,this will be very helpful in choosing the right suit,thanks.
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fashion designing institute in jaipur on 20 November 2013 10:27
I gain a lot of information here. Thank you.
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Jakson on 11 June 2014 12:40
I am very glad to read this type post. Thanks for sharing the the information about right suit and well-fitted, stylish suit. Your writing style and ides is very nice.
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Kieran Hunter on 15 October 2018 06:08
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James Murphy on 15 October 2018 07:09
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